Automated Pipeline Tariffs

Eliminate hand-typing of pipeline tariff changes into your in-house trade capture system. No need to monitor 150 different gas pipeline websites each day. Our software does it for you!

2 ways to get automated tariff changes from every pipe:


Option 1: Via our Excel Download

Log into our user-friendly NAESB-certified website. Download entire tariffs for several pipes or only tariff changes for selected pipes. Query by date ranges. Tariffs from all pipes provided in a clean standardized format. Avoid month-end headaches due to pipeline invoice mismatches. Eliminate pain points automatically.

Option 2: Via our API

Use our latest cloud-based Rest APIs to query entire tariffs for several pipes or only a small subset of pipes. Eliminate pain points like manual tariff tracking across multiple pipeline websites. APIs can connect to variety of trade capture systems like Endur, Allegro, or custom ETRM systems. Eliminate human errors.
Automated Tariff Feed Includes:
Reservation | Commodity | Fuel | ACA | Surcharges
Mileage Based Rates | Negotiated Rates
Zone to Zone | Location to Location  | Hybrid
All Tariff Line Items

Automate tariffs for these pipes and many more: