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gNom was built for you by former natural gas schedulers with a passion for making things simple and elegant. We understand what you go through each day on the job and we’re here to make your work life easier:


What is the difference between submitting a nom via gNom versus through a pipeline's own website?

Its the same difference as when you're searching for flights, you go to 1 website like Expedia instead of each airline's website. Now you don't need to visit 40 or 50 different pipeline websites each day! Nom One & Done!!

Is my nomination data safe when I submit through gNom?

Yes, we're NAESB-certified & FERC compliant when it comes to security. Our software has been tested with each pipeline and has established secure connectivity with each. Our rigorous testing involved satisfying each pipeline's security requirements. So rest assured, you can sleep easy!

What is the biggest advantage of using gNom?

The breakthrough feature of our technology is standardizing several differing pipeline nominations screens into 1 dashboard. You can now use 1 spreadsheet to submit all your gas noms with 1 click! Save Time. Increase productivity. Guaranteed! No learning curve for each individual pipeline since you will now only use 1 website. Moreover, many pipelines simply do not offer the option of submitting noms via mobile devices. Some that do, require Citrix or Java which may not be user friendly and prone to error messages like ``Error 404`` which doesnt mean much to most schedulers! gNom doesn't use Java or Citrix. Our proprietary software is designed to work with modern gadgets.

What are the benefits of submitting a nom via gNom versus a pipeline's website?

No more hand-typing of noms into the pipeline EBBs! We offer 1-Click Noms. You will stay logged into your account for as long as you like (no annoying time-outs). Many of your nom fields will be auto-populated as soon as you enter your contract number (so you risk fewer errors). No Citrix/Java errors! User-friendly fields (e.g. type only a few letters of the location or counterparty name, the rest is auto-filled like a 'google search' function). Your noms are auto-saved every few minutes so you wont lose your work if you start working on a different pipe.

Can I work on multiple pipes simultaneously?

You bet! Your noms are auto-saved every few minutes so you wont lose your work if you start working on a different pipe. No learning curve for new pipes since you will use only 1 website.

Can I submit all my gas nominations by logging into gNom?


Will I be able to see my noms inside my pipeline EBB account?

Yes, all your accepted noms submitted via gNom will also be viewable if you were to log into your pipeline 'Customer Activities' account. You will see the same noms whether you submit them through our dashboard or via each pipeline's individual website.

Can I use gNOM and still submit noms from my pipeline EBB account?

Yes. You can use gNOM and each pipeline EBB simultaneously. But we're pretty sure you will like the convenience of 1 consolidated screen for all your pipes. Think of gNOM as a giant consolidated EBB for all pipes. That's what we offer.

Can I nom from home on nights & weekends?


Can I nom from a phone or mobile tablet or my office computer?

Yes you can nom from any office desktop in any city. For mobile devices, we offer service on both Apple & Android devices.

What if my nom gets rejected, will I miss the nom deadline?

Yes you would miss the deadline just like you would if you were nomming through the pipeline's Electronic Bulletin Board. Using gNom, you'd be able to submit all your noms from 1 website without having to log into each EBB multiple times, saving you valuable time everyday.

Does gNom support all nomination cycles?

Yes, we're NAESB compliant and support all nom cycles.

What else?

You also get real time notifications for your selected pipes on your phone or computer about critical/non critical notices, operationally available capacity, & unsubscribed capacity.

Still have questions?

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