Pipeline Public Datasets Now AI-Enabled

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Only pipeline public data is used in A.I. models.

Non Public shipper data (e.g. Noms & Scheduled Quantities) are NOT fed into any A.I. models. This data is strictly confidential.

gXCHANGECapacity ReleasesChatGPT embedded into Capacity Releases to allow you to execute more powerful searches. For e.g., "show me capacity releases from last summer which sold for the biggest discount to max tariff involving the Tetco M3 zone."
gTARIFFPipeline TariffsChatGPT now embedded into all Pipeline/LDC tariffs to enable you to search using ChatGPT prompts like "show me all Chicago area tariffs where the demand charge is less than $0.50 per Mmbtu".
gTRANPipeline Transactional ReportingUse ChatGPT to search for Parks/Loans using prompts such as "retrieve all Parks on Bobcat with volumes greater than 500,000 mmbtus in the last 30 days".
gNOTICEPipeline NoticesUse ChatGPT to monitor Critical Notices and Open Seasons with prompts like "List all Open Seasons happening across all pipes in the US Gulf Coast region within the next 90 days."
gCAPPipeline Operational CapacityActivate ChatGPT’s powerful AI capability to detect constraints in real time using prompts like "display all Rec/Del points on Transco pipeline where the operationally available capacity % for the most recent cycle is less than 1%".
gINDEXIndex of CustomersGain an unfair AI advantage by using ChatGPT prompts on the Index of Customers dataset. For e.g., "Show me all Firm Transport contracts going back to Jan 2023 for AEP Energy across all pipes where the agent is BP Energy".
gAUTOFor Non-EDI Pipes/UtilitiesWe build AI-infused custom software bots (robots) to automate your daily, repetitive, error-prone tasks. Welcome to the age of Digital Labor where human Real Intelligence is turbo-charged with Artifical Intelligence.