Eliminate hand-typing of noms

gNOM is a MULTI-PIPELINE natural gas nominations & scheduling dashboard. You can submit gas noms to all pipes from 1 dashboard with 1 click. No need to visit 50 different gas pipeline websites each day. Nom one & done!

2 ways to use our software:


Option 1: Use Our Web App

Log into our user-friendly NAESB-certified & FERC compliant website from home or office using any mobile device or a traditional desktop. No software to install. Nom all your pipes from 1 Dashboard. Eliminate hand-typing of noms! Select 1 pipe or multiple for e.g. ANR, Transco, or NGPL. See real time Accept/Reject status for all noms and Scheduled Quantities for all your pipes on 1 screen. No need to log into several pipeline EBBs each day. One standardized screen for all pipes. Save time. Reduce errors. Increase efficiency. Focus on revenue generation.

Option 2: Use our API

Automate nom submissions to all your pipes using our pre-built customizable APIs designed to work with many trade capture systems like Endur, Allegro, TriplePoint, and others. See real time Accept/Reject status for each nom and have Scheduled Quantities from each pipe automatically pushed into your in-house system as soon as the pipelines publish them. Use secure encryption technology instead of submitting noms over the public internet thereby exposing your business to cyber threats. Eliminate repetitive tasks and manual data entry. Simplify scheduling.

No learning curve for each new pipeline you handle, since you will only use 1 website for all your noms: Nom One & Done! Save Time. Increase Productivity!

Several Excel Sheets = Wasted Time + Costly Errors

Consolidate all your gas scheduling into 1 portal. Track flow better!

NatGasHub.com is NOT a counterparty and does NOT take title/custody of your gas at anytime.

Some popular pipes available via our web app:

We’re always adding new nat gas pipes to our NAESB certified software!

Contact us for a full list of pipelines available.


Our software is NAESB certified (WGQ V3.0).

We've partnered with Microsoft.