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Products: gNOM (Nominations) & gSCHED (Scheduled Quantities)

Automated EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) gas nominations & scheduled quantities. America’s only Multi-Pipeline dashboard. Nom 1 & Done! NAESB-certified. Be EDI-live in 3 business days! Cloud-based EDI at scale. Avoid hand-typing of noms and manually scraping scheduled volumes from each EBB. Your noms encrypted automatically per FERC approved standards en route to pipelines. Automate Noms. Eliminate hand-typing. Don’t waste time visiting several pipeline EBBs daily.

1Algonquin Gas Transmission, LLCxx
2Alliance Pipeline L.P.xx
3ANR Pipeline Companyxx
4Arlington Storage Company, L.L.C.xx
5Atmos Pipeline-Texasxx
6BBT (Alatenn), LLCxx
7BBT (Midla), LLCxx
8Big Sandy Pipeline, LLCxx
9Bison Pipeline LLCxx
10Boardwalk Storage Company, LLCxx
11Bobcat Gas Storagexx
12Cheyenne Plains Gas Pipeline Company, L.L.C.xx
13Colorado Interstate Gas Company, L.L.C.xx
14Columbia Gas Transmission, LLCxx
15Columbia Gulf Transmission, LLCxx
16Crossroads Pipeline Companyxx
17Destin Pipeline Company, L.L.C.xx
18Dominion Cove Point LNG, LPxx
19Dominion Energy Carolina Gas Transmission, LLCxx
20Dominion Energy Overthrust Pipeline, LLCxx
21Dominion Energy Questar Pipeline, LLCxx
22East Tennessee Natural Gas, LLCxx
23Eastern Gas Transmission and Storage, Inc.xx
24Egan Hub Storage, LLCxx
25El Paso Natural Gas Company, L.L.C.xx
26Elba Express Company, L.L.C.xx
27Enable Gas Transmission LLCxx
28Enable Mississippi River Transmission LLCxx
29Enterprise Texas Pipeline LLCxx
30Equitrans, L.P.xx
31ETC Tiger Pipeline, LLCxx
32Fayetteville Express Pipeline LLCxx
33Florida Gas Transmission Company, LLCxx
34Foothills Pipelines Limitedxx
35Gas Transmission Northwest LLCxx
36Great Lakes Gas Transmission Limited Partnershipxx
37Guardian Pipeline L.L.C. xx
38Gulf South Pipeline Company, LPxx
39Gulfstream Natural Gas System L.L.C.xx
40Hardy Storage Company, LLCxx
41High Point Gas Transmission, LLCxx
42Horizon Pipeline Company, L.L.C.xx
43Iroquois Gas Transmission System, L.P.xx
44Kern River Gas Transmission Companyxx
45Keystone Gas Storagexx
46Lake Charles LNG Company, LLCxx
47Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline, L.L.C.xx
48Midcontinent Express Pipeline LLCxx
49Midwestern Gas Transmission Companyxx
50Millennium Pipeline Company, LLCxx
51Mojave Pipeline Company, LLCxx
52Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America LLCxx
54North Baja Pipeline, LLCxx
55Northern Border Pipeline Companyxx
56Northern Natural Gas Companyxx
57Northwest Pipeline LLCxx
58Ozark Gas Transmission, L.L.C.xx
59Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company, LPxx
60Pine Needle LNG Company, LLCxx
61Portland Natural Gas Transmission Systemxx
62Questar Southern Trails Pipeline Companyxx
63Rockies Express Pipeline LLCxx
64Rover Pipeline LLCxx
65Ruby Pipeline, L.L.C.xx
66Sabal Trail Transmission, LLCxx
67Saltville Gas Storage Company L.L.C.xx
68Sea Robin Pipeline Company, LLCxx
69Sierrita Gas Pipeline LLCxx
70Southeast Supply Header, LLCxx
71Southern LNG Company, L.L.C.xx
72Southern Natural Gas Company, L.L.C.xx
73Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc.xx
74Southwest Gas Storage Companyxx
75Stagecoach Pipeline & Storage Company LLCxx
76Steckman Ridge, LPxx
77Tallgrass Interstate Gas Transmission, LLCxx
78Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, L.L.C.xx
79Texas Eastern Transmission, LPxx
80Texas Gas Transmission, LLCxx
81Trailblazer Pipeline Company LLCxx
82Transcanada Pipelines Limitedxx
83TransColorado Gas Transmission Company LLCxx
84Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, LLCxx
85Trans-Union Interstate Pipeline, L.P.xx
86Transwestern Pipeline Company, LLCxx
87Trunkline Gas Company, LLCxx
88Tuscarora Gas Transmission Companyxx
89Vector Pipeline L.P.xx
90Vector Pipeline Limited Partnershipxx

Products: gXCHANGE (Capacity Release Exchange) & gNOTICE (Pipeline Notices)

gXCHANGE: Get instant alerts whenever any Capacity Release is available on any pipeline. View Capacity Release Bids, Offers, & Awards in real time. Don’t waste time monitoring each EBB. Automate! Cherry pick from over 50,000 Cap Releases per year. Capacity worth over $500 million/yr. Bids/Offers refreshed automatically. Set pipeline-level alerts. Awarded Capacities auto-fed into your in-house system.

gNOTICE: Real-time Critical, Non Critical, & Open Season Notices from all pipes on 1 dashboard. Set keyword alerts to eliminate noise. Spot market-moving constraints. Trade early. Increase P&L! Don’t waste time scraping data from each EBB. Set smart alerts with keywords e.g. “OFO“ or “Force Majeure“. Don’t get bombarded with unwanted email alerts. Set pipeline-level alerts. Be first to discover pipeline constraints.

1Acadian Gas Pipeline Systemx
2Adelphia Gatewayxx
3Algonquin Gas Transmission, LLCxx
4Alliance Canada Pipelinexx
5Alliance Pipeline L.P.xx
6ANR Pipeline Companyxx
7ANR Storage Companyxx
8Arlington Storage Company, L.L.C.xx
9BBT (Alatenn), LLCxx
10BBT (Midla), LLCxx
11BBT Trans-Union Interstate Pipeline, L.P.xx
12Big Sandyxx
13Bison Pipeline LLCxx
14Black Marlin Pipeline, L.L.Cxx
15Blue Lake Gas Storage Companyxx
16Bluewater Gas Storage, LLCxx
17Boardwalk Storage Company, LLCxx
18Bobcat Gas Storagexx
19B-R Pipeline Companyxx
20Cadeville Gas Storage LLCxx
21Caledonia Energy Partners, L.L.C.xx
22Cameron Interstate Pipeline LLCxx
23Carolina Gas Transmission, LLCxx
24Central Valley Gas Storage, L.L.C.xx
25Cheniere Corpus Christi Pipeline, L.P.xx
26Cheniere Creole Trail Pipeline, L.P.xx
27Cheyenne Connector LLCxx
28Cheyenne Plains Gas Pipeline Company, L.L.C.xx
29Cimarron River Pipeline, L.L.C.xx
30Clear Creek Storage Company, L.L.C.xx
31Colorado Interstate Gas Company, L.L.C.xx
32Columbia Gas Transmission, LLCxx
33Columbia Gulf Transmission, LLCxx
34Cove Point LNG, LPxx
35Crossroads Pipeline Companyxx
36Dauphin Island Gathering Partnersxx
37DBM Pipeline, LLCxx
38Destin Pipeline Company, L.L.C.xx
39Discovery Gas Transmission, L.L.Cxx
40Dominion Energy Overthrust Pipeline, LLCxx
41Dominion Energy Questar Pipeline LLCxx
42DTM Birdsboro Pipeline, LLCxx
43East Cheyenne Gas Storage, L.L.C.xx
44East Tennessee Natural Gasxx
45Eastern Gas Transmission and Storage, Inc.xx
46Eastern Shore Natural Gas Companyxx
47Egan Hub Storage, LLCxx
48El Paso Natural Gas Company, L.L.C.xx
49Elba Express Company, L.L.C.xx
50Empire Pipeline, Inc.xx
51Enable Gas Transmission LLCxx
52Enable Mississippi River Transmission, LLCxx
53Enable Oklahoma Intrastate Transmission, LLCxx
54Enterprise Texas Pipeline, LLCxx
55Equitrans, L.P.xx
56ETC Tiger Pipeline, LLCxx
57Fayetteville Express Pipeline LLCxx
58Florida Gas Transmission Company, LLCxx
59Garden Banks Gas Pipeline, L.L.C.xx
60Gas Transmission Northwest LLCxx
61Golden Pass Pipeline, L.L.C.xx
62Golden Triangle Storage, Inc.xx
63Granite State Gas Transmission, Inc.xx
64Great Basin Gas Transmission Companyxx
65Great Lakes Gas Transmission Limited Partnershipxx
66Great Lakes Pipeline Canada Limitedxx
67Guardian Pipeline, L.L.C.xx
68Gulf Shore Energy Partners, L.P.xx
69Gulf South Pipeline Company, LPxx
70Gulf States Transmission Corporationxx
71Gulfstream Natural Gas System, L.L.C.xx
72Hardy Storage Company, LLCxx
73High Island Offshore System, L.L.C.xx
74High Point Gas Transmission, LLCxx
75Honeoye Storage Corporationxx
76Horizon Pipeline Company, L.L.C.xx
77Iroquois Gas Transmission System, L.P.xx
78Jefferson Island Storage & Hub, L.L.C.x
79Kern River Gas Transmission Companyxx
80Keystone Gas Storagexx
81Kinder Morgan Illinois Pipeline, L.L.C. xx
82Kinder Morgan Louisiana Pipeline, L.L.C.xx
83Kinder Morgan Tejas Pipeline LLCx
84Kinder Morgan Texas Pipeline LLC.x
85Kinetica Deepwater Express, L.L.C.xx
86Kinetica Energy Express, L.L.C.xx
87KO Transmission Companyxx
88KPC Pipelinexx
89Leaf River Energy Centerxx
90Manta Ray Offshore Gathering Company LLCxx
91Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline Limited Partnership (Canada)x
92Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline, L.L.C.xx
93Midcontinent Express Pipeline LLCxx
94Midship Pipeline Company LLCxx
95Midwestern Gas Transmission Companyxx
96MIGC, L.L.C.xx
97Millennium Pipeline Company, LLCxx
98Mississippi Canyon Gas Pipeline LLCxx
99Mississippi Hub, L.L.C.xx
100MoGas Pipeline LLCxx
101Mojave Pipeline Company, LLCxx
102Monroe Gas Storage Company, L.L.C.xx
103Moss Bluff Hub, LLCx
104National Fuel Gas Supply Corporationxx
105National Grid LNG LLCxx
106Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America LLCxx
107Nautilus Pipeline Company LLCxx
108NEXUS Capacity Services, ULCx
109NEXUS Gas Transmission, LLC (U.S.)xx
110North Baja Pipeline, LLCxx
111Northern Border Pipeline Companyxx
112Northern Natural Gas Companyxx
113Northwest Pipeline LLCxx
114Nova Gas Transmission Limitedx
115Oktex Pipeline Company, L.L.C.xx
116Ozark Gas Transmission, L.L.C.xx
117Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company, LPxx
118Perryville Gas Storage, L.L.C.xx
119PG Pipeline, L.L.C.xx
120Pine Needle LNG Company, LLCxx
121Pine Prairie Energy Center, LLCxx
122Portland Natural Gas Transmission Systemxx
123Rager Mountain Storage Company, L.L.C.xx
124Rendezvous Pipeline Company, L.L.C.xx
125Rockies Express Pipeline LLCxx
126Rover Pipeline, LLCxx
127Ruby Pipeline, L.L.C.xx
128Sabal Trail Transmission, L.L.C.xx
129Sabine Pipe Line Companyxx
130Saltville Gas Storage Companyxx
131Sea Robin Pipeline Company, LLCxx
132SG Resources Mississippi, L.L.C.xx
133Sierrita Gas Pipeline LLCxx
134Southeast Supply Header, LLCxx
135Southern California Gas Companyxx
136Southern LNG Company, L.L.C.xx
137Southern Natural Gas Company, L.L.C.xx
138Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc.xx
139Southwest Gas Storage Companyxx
140Spire STL Pipeline LLCxx
141Spire Storage West LLCxx
142Stagecoach Pipeline and Storage Company LLCxx
143Steckman Ridge, LPxx
144Stingray Pipeline Companyxx
145Tallgrass Interstate Gas Transmission, LLCxx
146Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, L.L.C.xx
147Texas Eastern Transmission, LPxx
148Texas Gas Transmission, LLCxx
149The Peoples Gas Light and Coke Companyx
150Trailblazer Pipeline Company LLCxx
151TransCanada Pipelines Limitedxx
152TransColorado Gas Transmission Company LLCxx
153Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, LLCxx
154Transwestern Pipeline Company, LLCxx
155Tres Palacios Gas Storagexx
156Trunkline Gas Company, LLCxx
157Tuscarora Gas Transmission Companyxx
158UGI LNG, Inc.xx
159UGI Mt. Bethel Pipeline, L.L.C.x
160UGI Storage Companyxx
161UGI Sunbury LLCxx
162USG Pipeline Company, LLCxx
163Vector Canada Pipelinesxx
164Vector Pipeline L.P.xx
165Viking Gas Transmission Companyxx
166WBI Energy Transmission, Incxx
167White River Hub, LLCxx
168WTG Hugoton, L.P.xx
169Wyckoff Gas Storage Company, LLCxx
170Wyoming Interstate Company, L.L.C.xx
171Young Gas Storage Company, Ltd.xx
*Capacity Release Awards

Product: gTariff (Automated Pipeline Tariffs)

Real time tariff feed from all pipes. Eliminate pain point of manually updating tariffs. Push tariff changes from every pipe automatically into your gas system. All pipe tariffs in 1 clean standardized format. Consume entire tariff or tariff changes only. Query tariff changes by date range. Includes Demand, Commodity, Fuel, Surcharges, etc. Includes ALL Rate Schedules used by ALL pipes (U.S. & Canadian). Eliminate month-end mismatches to pipeline invoices. Set custom tariff email alerts by pipe & rate schedule. Tariff change alerts via email or API.

1Acadian Gas Pipeline Systemx
2Acadian Gas Pipeline Systemx
3Adelphia Gatewayx
4Algonquin Gas Transmission, L.L.C.x
5Alliance Canada Pipelinex
6Alliance Pipeline L.P.x
7ANR Pipeline Companyx
8ANR Storage Companyx
9Arcadia Gas Storage Company, L.L.C.x
10Arlington Storage Company, L.L.Cx
11Atmos Pipeline-Texasx
12BBT (Alatenn), L.L.C.x
13BBT (Midla), L.L.C.x
14BBT Trans-Union Interstate Pipeline, L.P.x
15Big Sandy Pipeline, L.L.Cx
16Bison Pipeline, L.L.Cx
17Black Marlin Pipeline, L.L.Cx
18Blue Lake Gas Storage Companyx
19Bluewater Gas Storage, L.L.C.x
20Boardwalk Storage Company, L.L.C.x
21Bobcat Gas Storagex
22B-R Pipeline Companyx
23Cadeville Gas Storage, L.L.C.x
24Caledonia Energy Partners, L.L.C.x
25Cameron Interstate Pipeline, L.L.C.x
26Carolina Gas Transmission, LLCx
27Centra Pipelines Minnesota Incx
28Central Valley Gas Storage, L.L.C.x
29Chandeleur Pipe Line, L.L.C.x
30Cheniere Corpus Christi Pipelinex
31Cheniere Creole Trail Pipeline, L.P.x
32Cheyenne Connector LLCx
33Cheyenne Plains Gas Pipeline Company, L.L.C.x
34Cimarron River Pipeline, L.L.C.x
35Clear Creek Storage Company, L.L.C.x
36Colorado Interstate Gas Company, L.L.C.x
37Columbia Gas Transmission, L.L.C.x
38Columbia Gulf Transmission, L.L.C.x
39Cotton Valley Compression, L.L.C.x
40Cove Point LNG, LPx
41Crossroads Pipeline Companyx
42Dauphin Island Gathering Partnersx
43DBM Pipeline, L.L.C.x
44Destin Pipeline Company, L.L.C.x
45Discovery Gas Transmission, L.L.C.x
46Dominion Energy Overthrust Pipeline, LLCx
47Dominion Energy Questar Pipeline, L.L.C.x
48DTM Birdsboro Pipeline, LLCx
49East Cheyenne Gas Storage, L.L.C.x
50East Tennessee Natural Gas, L.L.C.x
51Eastern Gas Transmission and Storage, Inc.x
52Eastern Shore Natural Gas Companyx
53Egan Hub Storage, L.L.C.x
54El Paso Natural Gas Company, L.L.C.x
55Elba Express Company, L.L.C.x
56Empire Pipeline, Inc.x
57Enable Gas Transmission, L.L.C.x
58Enable Mississippi River Transmission, L.L.C.x
59Enable Oklahoma Intrastate Transmission, LLCx
60Enbridge Gas Inc.(Union South) Canadax
61Enterprise Intrastate LLCx
62Enterprise Texas Pipeline, LLCx
63Equitrans, L.P.x
64ETC Tiger Pipeline, L.L.C.x
65Fayetteville Express Pipeline, L.L.C.x
66Florida Gas Transmission Company, LLCx
67Foothills Pipe Lines Limitedx
68Freebird Gas Storage, L.L.C.x
69Garden Banks Gas Pipeline, L.L.C.x
70Gas Transmission Northwest, L.L.C.x
71Gill Ranch Storagex
72Golden Pass Pipeline, L.L.C.x
73Golden Triangle Storage, Incx
74Granite State Gas Transmission, Inc.x
75Great Basin Gas Transmission Companyx
76Great Lakes Gas Transmission, L.P.x
77Great Lakes Pipeline Canada Limitedx
78Guardian Pipeline, L.L.C.x
79Gulf Shore Energy Partners, L.P.x
80Gulf South Pipeline Company, L.P.x
81Gulf States Transmission LLCx
82Gulfstream Natural Gas System, L.L.C.x
83Hardy Storage Company, L.L.C.x
84High Island Offshore System, L.L.C.x
85High Point Gas Transmission, L.L.C.x
86Hill-Lake Gas Storage, LLCx
87Honeoye Storage Corporationx
88Hope Gas Inc.,dba Dominion Energy West Virginiax
89Horizon Pipeline Company, L.L.C.x
90Houston Pipe Line Company LPx
91Iroquois Gas Transmission System, L.P.x
92Jefferson Island Storage & Hub, L.L.C.x
93Kern River Gas Transmission Companyx
94Keystone Gas Storagex
95Kinder Morgan Illinois Pipeline, L.L.C.x
96Kinder Morgan Louisiana Pipeline, L.L.C.x
97Kinder Morgan Tejas Pipeline, L.L.C.x
98Kinder Morgan Texas Pipeline, L.L.C.x
99Kinetica Deepwater Express, L.L.C.x
100Kinetica Energy Express, L.L.C.x
101KO Transmission Companyx
102KPC Pipeline, L.L.C.x
103Lake Charles LNG Company, L.L.C.x
104Leaf River Energy Center, L.L.C.x
105Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline Limited Partnership (Canada)x
106Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline, L.L.C.x
107Markwest New Mexico, L.L.C.x
108Markwest Pioneer, L.L.C.x
109Midcontinent Express Pipeline, L.L.C.x
110Midship Pipeline Company LLCx
111Midwestern Gas Transmission Companyx
112MIGC, L.L.C.x
113Millennium Pipeline Company, L.L.C.x
114Mississippi Canyon Gas Pipeline, L.L.C.x
115Mississippi Hub, L.L.C.x
116Mogas Pipeline, L.L.C.x
117Mojave Pipeline Company, L.L.C.x
118Monroe Gas Storage Company, L.L.C.x
119Moss Bluff Hub, LLCx
120National Fuel Gas Supply Corporationx
121National Grid LNG, L.L.C.x
122Natural Gas Pipeline Company Of America, L.L.C.x
123Nautilus Pipeline Company, L.L.C.x
124NEXUS Gas Transmission, LLC (U.S.)x
125NGO Transmission, Inc.x
126North Baja Pipeline, L.L.C.x
127Northern Border Pipeline Companyx
128Northern Natural Gas Companyx
129Northwest Pipeline, L.L.C.x
130Nova Gas Transmission Limitedx
131Oasis Pipeline, LPx
132Oktex Pipeline Company, L.L.C.x
133ONEOK Gas Storage, LLCx
134ONEOK Gas Transportation, LLCx
135ONEOK Westex Transmission, LLCx
136Ozark Gas Transmission, L.L.C.x
137Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company, L.P.x
138Panther Interstate Pipeline Energy, L.L.C.x
139Perryville Gas Storage, L.L.C.x
140PG Pipeline, L.L.C.x
141PG&E pipelinex
142Pine Needle LNG Company, L.L.C.x
143Pine Prairie Energy Center, L.L.C.x
144Portland General Electric Companyx
145Portland Natural Gas Transmission Systemx
146Rager Mountain Storage Company, L.L.C.x
147Regency Intrastate Gas LPx
148Rendezvous Pipeline Company, L.L.C.x
149Rockies Express Pipelinex
150Rover Pipeline, L.L.C.x
151Ruby Pipeline, L.L.C.x
152Sabal Trail Transmission, L.L.C.x
153Sabine Hub Services Companyx
154Sabine Pipeline, L.L.C.x
155Saltville Gas Storage Company, L.L.C.x
156Sea Robin Pipeline Company, L.L.C.x
157SG Resources Mississippi, L.L.C.x
158Sierrita Gas Pipeline, L.L.C.x
159Southeast Supply Header, L.L.C.x
160Southern California Gas Companyx
161Southern LNG Company, L.L.Cx
162Southern Natural Gas Company, L.L.C.x
163Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc.x
164Southwest Gas Storage Companyx
165Spire STL Pipeline LLCx
166Spire Storage West, L.L.C.x
167Stagecoach Pipeline & Storage Company, L.L.C.x
168Steckman Ridge, L.P.x
169Stingray Pipeline Company, L.L.C.x
170Tallgrass Interstate Gas Transmission, L.L.C.x
171Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, L.L.C.x
172Texas Eastern Transmission, L.P.x
173Texas Gas Transmission, L.L.C.x
174Trailblazer Pipeline Company, L.L.C. x
175TransCanada Pipelines Limitedx
176Transcolorado Gas Transmission Company, L.L.C.x
177Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Company, L.L.C.x
178Transwestern Pipeline Company, L.L.C.x
179Tres Palacios Gas Storage L.L.C.x
180Trunkline Gas Company, L.L.C.x
181Tuscarora Gas Transmission Companyx
182UGI LNG, Inc.x
183UGI Mt. Bethel Pipeline, L.L.C.x
184UGI Storage Companyx
185UGI Sunbury, L.L.C.x
186USG Pipeline Company, LLCx
187Vector Canada Pipelinex
188Vector Pipeline, L.P.x
189Venice Gathering System, L.L.C.x
190Viking Gas Transmission Companyx
191WBI Energy Transmission, Incx
192West Texas Gas, Inc.x
193Westcoast Energy Inc. Canadax
194Westgas Interstate, Inc.x
195White River Hub, L.L.C.x
196Worsham-Steed Gas Storage, LLCx
197WTG Hugoton, L.P.x
198Wyckoff Gas Storage Company, L.L.C.x
199Wyoming Interstate Company, L.L.C.x