Automated Pipeline Invoices
Automated Pipeline Imbalances
Automated Pipeline Storage Balances

Our software retrieves it from all pipes
Encrypted so even we can’t see your data!

Eliminate hand-typing of pipeline invoices, imbalances, & storage activity (injections, withdrawals, etc.) into your in-house trade capture system. No need to scrape 100 different gas pipeline websites each day.


Use our secure ready made API. Use clicks, not code

Our latest cloud-based Rest APIs deliver automatically all your pipeline invoices, imbalance statements, and storage statements for 1 or many pipes. Eliminate human errors and pain points like manual tracking across multiple pipeline websites. APIs can connect to a variety of trade capture systems like Endur, Allegro, or custom ETRM systems. All statements are in a clean standardized NAESB format from each pipe. Avoid month-end reconciliation headaches due to pipeline invoice mismatches.

Automated Invoices Include: Reservation, Commodity, Fuel, ACA, Surcharges, All Invoice Line Items
Automated Imbalances Include: All Service Requestor Contracts across All Pipes by Flow Date
Automated Storage Statements Include: Daily Injections, Withdrawals, Balances for All Svc Req Contracts across All Pipes

Automate data for these pipes and many more: