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PostedBid#PipelineBid Price Bid Qty StartEndRec LocDel LocStand AloneRate SchedDetails
Nov/9 13:4997418Tenn$2.43 16,300 11/10/1811/12/18Z4 200LNiagaraYFT-1View
Nov/9 13:41083282Dom$0.60 10,000 11/10/1811/12/18DomSPYFTView
Nov/9 13:36025773NNG$0.18 20,000 11/12/1811/12/18FieldVentYFT-2View
Nov/9 13:32034053AGT$38.25 80,000 11/10/1811/12/18RamapoPomfretYAFT1AIMView
Nov/9 13:2934052AGT$282.27 6,066 11/10/1811/12/18LambertvilleMontvilleYAFT-12View
Nov/9 13:1199017749Southern Star$0.14 5,000 11/10/1811/13/18RivieraMkt IntYFTSView
Nov/9 13:0225844882TCO$2.16 2,000 11/10/1811/12/18LeachNYSEGNFTView
Nov/9 13:0125845032Col Gulf$1.50 15,000 11/10/1811/13/18RayneLeachYFTView
Nov/9 12:5858808Iroq$6.39 20,000 11/10/1811/13/18WaddSheltonNFT2View
Nov/9 12:51129069Sonat$0.04 16,000 11/09/1811/09/18Hi PtClaytonYFT1View
Nov/9 12:48000958GTN$0.02 1,000 01/01/1901/31/19KingsgateBferryYFTView
PostedOffer#PipelineReleaser Bid Qty Price StartEndRec LocDel LocK#Details
Nov/9 13:4925824913TCORockland14 $17.05 11/10/1811/13/18BR19O&R100384View
Nov/9 13:4199018935SStarKS Gas 2,000 $13.50 11/09/1811/10/18RivieraIfaceTS0015View
Nov/9 13:36005220GLGTMN Energy 2,000 $4.56 01/01/1902/28/19WakeFortuneFT1View
Nov/9 13:3225824919Col GulfWG 2,771 $4.17 11/09/1811/30/18RayneLeachFT1View
Nov/9 13:29102296TennNatfuel 16,300 $1.65 11/10/1811/12/18Z4 200LNiagra31577View
Nov/9 13:1125825087TCONextera 20,000 $0.90 11/09/1811/09/18RP TCOCol Has OH212739View
Nov/9 13:02086646TetcoNJ Nat 210 $0.21 11/10/1801/12/18PoseyZn2910593View
Nov/9 13:0127582NNGMidAmerican 1,000 $0.20 11/10/1801/12/18FieldVent116047View
Nov/9 12:5899018934SStarSpire 1,000 $0.16 11/10/1812/01/18PrdKS CityTS27237View
Nov/9 12:5134435PEPLUnionE 10,000 $0.04 11/10/1811/10/18AmerenCrescendo11704View
Nov/9 12:489711TrunkUnionE 5,000 $0.04 11/10/1811/16/18McnuttBourbonFT1View
PostedPipelineReleaserBidderAward Price Award Qty StartEndLocPerm RelMax TariffDetails
Nov/9 13:49TennBoston GasSpotlight$0.0300 25,000 11/10/1811/12/18SchoharieY0.2303View
Nov/9 13:41TennNatfuelCastleton$1.5300 16,300 11/09/1811/09/18Z4 200LY5.5879View
Nov/9 13:36TCONYSEGColonial$2.1600 2,000 11/10/1811/12/18LeachY6.287View
Nov/9 13:32Southern StarKS GasOK Energy$0.1350 5,000 11/10/1811/13/18RivieraY0.2228View
Nov/9 13:29Col GulfMountaineerIGS$1.5000 15,000 11/10/1811/13/18RayneN4.17View
Nov/9 13:11NNGOsageGoodhue$0.2000 200 11/10/1811/13/18PoolY0.3365View
Nov/9 13:02TGPYankeeEmera$6.3875 5,000 11/10/1811/13/18WaddN0.0018View
Nov/9 13:01IroqNew AthensSpotlight$1.5200 6,000 11/10/1811/12/18WrightY0.0016View
Nov/9 12:58PanhandleUnion ElecCIMA$0.0380 10,000 11/09/1811/09/18CrescendoY0.11View
Nov/9 12:51SonatGas SouthBP$0.0400 500 11/09/1811/09/18Bayou SaleY0.3702View
Nov/9 12:48TetcoNJ NatConoco$0.0500 6,000 12/01/1803/31/18STXY0.1887View

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