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Multi-Pipeline Natural Gas Nominations Dashboard. Submit all your Gas Noms via 1 Spreadsheet or API. Nom 1 & Done™!

Nat Gas Noms. Automate & Digitize 100+ Pipes

Over $750 million worth of monthly gas noms submitted via our software. Take the pain out of gas scheduling. Gain an unfair advantage. Increase productivity & profits!
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Scheduling gas on weekends? Working from home? Be Mobile! No downloads or software installations needed

Nom From Anywhere

Would you like to have the flexibility to nom remotely on nights & weekends? Or from an Airport? Well now you can cut the cord to your desktop!
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Create/edit noms & check real time status of all your pipeline noms On Your iPhone..... 24/7 Use our secure App

Nom Using Any Device

Do you wish you could nom via your phone or tablet? Well, now you can! No Citrix/Java errors to deal with because we're user-friendly!
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Ditch spreadsheets! We guarantee un-hackable data encryption Our software has been tested with each pipeline. No one sees your noms but you

Nom Securely

We comply with NAESB-mandated SSL security standards.
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These pipes & many more available via our service:

Still Hand-Typing your Gas Noms and submitting them Un-protected over the public internet?
Encrypt your noms so even we can't see them!
Get a real-time view of ALL your Noms + Scheduled Quantities for ALL pipes and ALL team members on ONE DASHBOARD!

Eliminate hand-typing and use NAESB-certified encryption. If you’re using several spreadsheets to nom various pipes, you’re risking obsolescence and costly errors.

Works with all Trade Capture (ETRM) systems & Pipelines

ETRM-neutral. Pipeline-neutral. Shipper-neutral.

Nom 1 & Done™


Breakthrough gas scheduling software built by former gas schedulers and traders


Web Based

No software to install. User friendly & cloud-based. No Java/Citrix needed!

Easy Integration

We offer pre-built APIs for ETRMs like Endur, Allegro, FIS, PCI, & many more

Data Digitization

Digitize and centralize all your noms & scheduled quantities

Increase Productivity

Guaranteed to save time. Submit all your noms from 1 dashboard. Nom 1 & done!

Security/Data Encryption

NAESB certified & FERC compliant. Hosted on secure Microsoft Cloud

Real Time

Instant Accept/Reject nom status and scheduled quantities from every pipe

Auto Renom

Automatically re-nominate all your gas noms with a click

NAESB Certified

Handles all Nom Models (Pathed, Pathed-Non-Threaded, Hybrid, etc.)

Be Mobile

APP-solute convenience for nomming on any mobile device

Microsoft Partner

For secure hosting

Auto Notifications

All pipes Critical Notices on 1 dashboard

Pipeline Data

Capacities from all pipes on 1 dashboard

Tech Support

By ex-gas schedulers

Save Nom Drafts

Save draft noms for submission later

Future Proof

We’re always adding new pipes

Our products are now also available on ICE Connect! Contact your ICE sales rep to turn on access.


By now you’re probably convinced of the wisdom of using gNom

Still not sure? Read what our customers have to say….

The ability to nom from home or office on my ipad is a God-send!

Maria, Natural Gas Scheduler

Why didnt someone think of this type of service earlier? Now I can't work without it!

Mike, Gas Scheduler

I like NatGasHub coz now I dont need to go to every pipeline bulletin board any more. The name says it all!

Rob, Gas Scheduler

All our schedulers now use this website and love it. Its hard to imagine how we worked without it all these years!

Cathy, Manager Gas Scheduling

I use the app to nom all my pipes on weekends. Great app and Im glad some one finally built it!

Megan, Nat Gas Scheduler

Makes nomming a breeze. NatGasHub stores all my contract data. My noms get auto-populated so I make fewer errors!

Sean, Senior Gas Scheduler

Ive been a gas scheduler for 4 years and just started using the NatGasHub app. So convenient to use on my iphone. Love it!

Laura, Gas Scheduler

Since I started using NatGasHub, I rarely ever use the pipeline websites any more. I get my nom statuses and critical notices for all my pipes on one website!

Jen, Northeast Gas Scheduler

I like being able to submit all my noms through 1 site and get real time accept/reject updates on my phone. Brilliant!

Greg, Manager Gas Scheduling